Dialing In…FINALLY

Ryan | Sunday, June 19th, 2011 3 Comments

First things first, I’ve calmed back down and am back to my normal, relaxed self.  Sorry for the freak out the past couple days.

Work, life, wedding, taper all collided.  Steph and I had a great talk about how I can take control of my stress and figure out how to minimize it.  Simply focusing on the fact that I had control over my mood greatly helped.  I definitely will do that more in the future.

Today has been the first relaxing day I’ve had in the past couple weeks.  No big errands.  No big drives.  No huge training days.  No wedding stress.  That allowed me to sleep nine whole hours.  I woke up refreshed, and with enough time to participate in my first yoga class in several months.  Boy, am I rusty!  And creaky for that matter.  However, I willingly sacrificed flexibility for added power and weight.  I believe this was the best decision I could make given my limited training schedule, though it’s clear I’ve taken a step back with my flexibility compared to last year.  As my family likes to say though, “with one tush you can’t dance at everyone’s ball.”

This afternoon, I’m taking time to write a couple important documents that I recommend you do too.  First is a mental race strategy document.  I included things like my goals overall, but specifically how I want to feel at every stage of the race.  I’m really trying to put into practice what I’ve learned the past six months from the leading pros in the sport.  In other words, I’m beginning to dial in to the race in a relaxed, focused manner.

My second doc is just a checklist of what I plan to pack.  Coach Gerardo gave us a detailed sheet but it’s so huge that I wanted something more specific to me.  So, I’ll cross-reference the two but at least now I have a running start.

Overall, my goal for the next week (outside of a hectic work day tomorrow) is to stay calm, and have a plan for every day of the week in terms of race preparation.  Here’s mine so far:

Monday: Final day of work and tying loose project ends together.

Tuesday: Sleep in as late as possible.  Light training, packing, including pre-packing transition bags. Learn how to use new Kindle! Add more salt in diet.

Wednesday: Sleep in as late as possible. Add more salt in diet.  Begin carb-loading.  RELAX!!! No work. No stress.

Thursday: Travel!  Pick up bike.  Settle at hotel.  Meet teammates.

Friday: Bike/Run/drive course.  Begin to taper off carbs.  Hang out with team.  CHILL.

Saturday: Swim course.  Meet Steph when she arrives. Team lunch and dinner.  Early bed time.


I am rejuvenated. I am ready for the week ahead.  I am ready to run MY race.  I am ready to have a great time.

People, it’s go time.  Probably my last full-distance Ironman.  I’m going to soak it all in.

Now that my head is screwed back on straight.

7 days and counting.

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  1. Laura says:

    Best of luck!!! You have put in the training, you are ready, now go out and kill it. Will be sending good vibes your way from the ATX.


  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks Laura. Really appreciate your support. If you get me that sticker I’ll rock it on race day still ;)

  3. Laura says:

    I totally dropped the ball on that, and reading your post just reminded me.

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